1 Nov 2012

Where it all began (well sort of)

Rachel Whiteread - Herringbone floor 2001
I had forgotten how much I loved this piece of work by Rachel Whiteread until I saw it again recently.  I love it's simplicity.

In 2001 I went to the Rachel Whiteread exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery.  Rachel Whiteread produced this as an edition for the gallery, I loved it so much at the time and eternally regret I didn't buy one then.  It was only a few hundred pounds at the time and now it's approximately £2000!

Most importantly, it started me on the road to start cutting.  In those early days I hadn't really seen any other paper cutters, but knew I wanted to make something like this.

It's always funny where inspiration comes from, it never appears when you go looking for it, but pops up when you least expect it.

I would love to hear what art works have inspired you.



  1. OMG, how painful to not have bought one of her pieces! ouch! I got lucky with a kiki smith fifteen years ago as much as my husband told me I was silly to buy it. I love Whiteread's work, her work is a continual source of inspiration for me as well.

  2. It kills me every time I think about it! It's an important lesson in living in the moment, if something speaks to you that much you just have to go for it!