28 Oct 2013



I've not been here much recently.  This is mostly because I have been working on a new website and blog.

I won't be blogging here any more.

From now on you can find my blog here. I'm very excited and feel very grown up to have my very own wordpress site.

I definitely won't miss Blogger's idiosyncratic formatting, but it's always a little sad to leave something behind, but it feels the right time to be moving forwards in a new direction.

Please do head over there it will be lovely to see you at my blog on clairebrewster.com


10 Oct 2013

The First Cut in Southampton

Can you believe it, it's been almost a year since The First Cut opened in Manchester and now it's on the last leg of it's tour in Southampton.

I've been down a couple of times to install my work.  Luckily they have the space to have both of my installations, which is great as I got to install the butterflies again.

Here are a few pics of my installation of The Harbingers.  I'll post some photos of the completed exhibition once I have them.

A nice surprise before I arrived to see my work on their posters

Nicola Dale's Tree in it's shipping boxes, a work of art in itself 

Making a start - my first of many ladders

I got to use a tower for the first time, which was very exciting

The view from the top of my tower - all the works were gradually being unwrapped
Me up my third and final ladder of the day - it felt like a chariot

And here is the completed installation (with ladder!)

It was quite a hard install as the slanted wall was very hard and the pins kept bouncing out, which involved much swearing on my part.

The exhibition opens on Friday, and runs until 12 January 2014.  It's well worth a trip if you haven't caught the exhibition before.

You can find full details here.  I am also giving a talk on 19 October in the Museum further details are here.

Hope to see you there.


Zeitgeist Open 2013

I am honoured to say I was selected for the Zeitgeist Open 2013 (click here for more info). The exhibition was very short and I was away for most

It is an annual open exhibition, this year selected by Susan Collis, Graham Crowley, Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley.  They had over 300 submissions and somehow they managed to select 43 artists to exhibit.

And here's the piece that I had selected.

I'm very fascinated by textiles, particularly 18th and 19th Century ones.  This piece was based on a Japanese pattern cut from a map of Australia.  I imagined it as a fragment of a piece of textile that had been lost and once rediscovered was preserved in this way.

I am planning to make more of these pieces as they are something I really enjoy, so watch this space.