11 Jun 2012

Mind the Map workshop

 I ran my first proper workshop as part of the museum at night event at the London Transport museum.  It was great fun.  There were lots of keen people wanting to take part, there was even a queue at one point.

I had some templates of my birds for people to use or they could go free style.  It was great to see how people took to it and made their pieces their own. Some people used my templates as a starting point and some people created their own thing.  it was really fun and I hope I've inspired some people to take up paper cutting.

me ready for action!

explaining what we are about to do

a quick demonstration

a little more explaining

and they are off cutting away

intense concentration

a pleasing sight

Here are some of the finished pieces.

a tube train

a lovely humming bird, made using one of my templates but in a totally different way

a giraffe and a humming bird

a flying bird

a different use for a cut out

2 lovely birds

8 Jun 2012

Another side of the storey...

Whilst at the London Transport Museum me and the BF took the opportunity to look around their permanent collection.  It was very quite as most people where in the Mind the Map exhibition.  I'm not sure if it was the lack of people or the glasses of wine, anyway I somehow lost my usual camera shyness....

look at my shiny shoes....

will this never end

some friends I met on the tube

the thinker

can I get off?

7 Jun 2012

Mind the Map - opening night

The opening of the mind the map exhibition was great fun.  The exhibition is really great, the London Transport have such a great collection of posters, maps and other ephemera and also commissioned some great works for the exhibition. 

And here's my piece in the exhibition.  It was very exciting to see it hanging there.  The museum has bought the piece for their permanent collection, which was great.  There is also a book to go with the exhibition, which I haven't managed to get yet, you can find it here on amazon.

It was a great party and I would recommend a trip to the museum, it's really interesting and also great fun.

4 Jun 2012


I saw this on my wanderings and this is about a close as i get to commemorating the event that is happening in the UK this week.