28 Nov 2010

Artists who inspire me - louise Bourgeois

I went to see the Louise Bourgeois fabric drawing exhibition at the new Hauser and Wirth space in London.  If you have an opportunity to go, do it, it was the most inspiring show that I have seen in a long time, the works were so beautiful.  The works were made between 2002 - 2008, I hope that I am able to be so creative at that time in my life, to still have the hunger to make work and to continue to experiment.

The pieces are all untitled.  You can find further information on the Hauser & Wirth  website (the images come from there).  There is also a book that is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

25 Nov 2010

Mexican Inspiration 2

I guess I have a thing about markets as the 2 places I got most excited about whilst in Mexico where the flea market, see previous post, and La Merced (the main market in Mexico City).  It was a warren of a place easy to get lost in, I could have spent hours there just wandering soaking in the atmosphere.

21 Nov 2010

Mexican Inspiration

Its been a long time coming but I am finally getting round to a blog post.

My trip to Mexico was amazing (though feels like an age ago now).  Here are some photos I took at the flea market.  The way stall holders arranged their goods was so beautiful and must have taken some time, it seemed a shame to buy something and spoil the arrangement.

You can see more of my Mexican pictures here.