31 Aug 2010

Origin 2010 23 - 29 September

I am exhibiting at Origin for the first time this year. I am a bit nervous and don't quite know to expect but I know it will be a great experience.  Its open for 7 days so do pop by and say hello if you are in the area, my stand is L07.

All the details about the exhibition can be found via the Origin website


I shall be posting in progress shots of the work I am making over the next couple of weeks. so watch this space.

17 Aug 2010

Artists who inspire me - Jim Hodges

Changing Things 1997 - image via Camden Arts Centre                  

I went to see this great exhibition at the weekend at Camden Arts Centre of Jim Hodges work. The show is so beautiful, fragile and ephemeral.  I love the installations he did using silk flowers and leaves, so amazing.

One of the things he seemed to be fascinated with is cobwebs, they appear in a lot of his work and also made one out of chains which was so beautiful, the way the chains catch the light, just like a real cobweb

image via Heart As Arena

Can't leave without another shot of my favourite piece.

Changing Things 1997 image via art slant

9 Aug 2010

The Cineroleum

One of my friends has been involved in organising The Cineroleum.  Its a cinema in a derelict petrol station in Clerkenwell in East London.

It has primarily been constructed using donated and found materials, the seats are made out of reclaimed scaffolding boards.  They are showing cult classics such as Rebel without a Cause, Barbarella, Alphaville and Buster Keaton shorts.

Am so excited have booked tickets to see D.O.A. on Sunday, so will let you know how it is.  Its so great to hear about projects where people are reclaiming derelict and disused spaces and turning them in to something wonderful.

You can find out more here http://www.cineroleum.co.uk/