14 Mar 2013

Let there be light part II

At the same time as discovering the Frank Gehry lights I discovered these amazing Garden lights by Jorge Pardo.  It must be the time of year, as I am craving light.  These are in the Fairchild Botanical Garden in Coral Gables, and I've just realised they were there when I was in Miami last year, damm! how could I have missed them.  They are there until March, so if you are going to be near by in the next couple of weeks a must see I would say.

Images via 1301 PE Gallery


11 Mar 2013

Let there be light

I came across these Frank Gehry fish lights and fell a little bit in love with them.  He has captured the fish so beautifully, the way light catches on the scales of a fish when it's under water.

It would be lovely to have one of them in my living room, I'll keep dreaming.

Images from Gagosian Gallery