31 Jul 2010

Keep Me Posted - Installation Shots

Here are a selection of photos of the Keep me posted exhibition. In the longer shots on the gallery you can see work by Adam Dix and Julie Cockburn, I love both their works, I can feel a blog post coming on about them in the not too distant future.

25 Jul 2010

Artists who inspire me

I have chosen a couple of artists here who are quite different but on a similar them of nature.

The first is Sue Blackwell an artist who primarily works with books.

I love Sue’s work, it is so beautiful and clever.

But then I am biased as I love everything with flowers and birds.

The next is Jazmine Miles-Long I have been a huge fan of taxidermy for a long time and can’t remember where I discovered Jazmine’s work but it is so beautiful.

I know some people find it bit creepy but I would love to have that lamb it looks so peaceful.

Work in Progress

Right now I am preparing for a big fair in September called Origin.  I am at the early stages of making some new work.  At this stage I tend to do a lot of drawing and redrawing of images until I am happy with them, the I start working with them to decide which maps I want to use and how they will work as finished pieces.

The beginning of the process goes something like this.

I first get my tools

Then I get my inspiration
I collect paper ephemera,  and am always on the look out for images for use in my work.

I then trace and re-trace the drawings until I am happy.

Still working on the turtle.

Some Kingfishers nearly ready for the next stage.

I then go through my box full of maps to see which ones are inspiring me and then…

…I will post about the next stages as they happen