25 Jan 2012

New works - Paper cuts

I have been making some new paper cuts and here's a selection. They'll all be out and about at various exhibitions over the next few months, so watch this space for further details.

North of the border - it's pretty up there

This is enough for me - I'm not sure this one would last too long in the big city

This is our Land - and we'd like to keep it that way!!!

This is our little bit - some feisty London birds - city birds are more intelligent than their country cousins don't you know

We likey the sky - it always looks like birds are having fun when it's really windy and they get blown by the wind

You can see my hear -  a bird wearing its heart on the outside

21 Jan 2012

Lovely postcards

I just found these lovely postcards at a junk market near where I live, in Dalston.  I'm loving the bright colours, they are from the 1960's I think and all seem to be from Africa.

A variety of Cape heath

Red Disa

Group of leucospermums


Red Disa

Serruria Florida (Blushing Bride)

19 Jan 2012


Blue Fish
What do you think about fish?  I'm quite pleased with this one.  I like the idea of fish, the way the can swim quite freely, and exist in another world, one that we humans can only visit for a short time.  I always wonder what they get up when we are not looking. This chap seems to be a bit grumpy though, even though he is a bit of a looker!

13 Jan 2012

A slightly late Happy New Year and the London Art Fair

Somehow we are already a couple of weeks into 2012!  This time of year is always a bit hectic for me, the New Year always brings lots of deadlines, with lots of exhibitions coming up in the next few months.  I have been beavering away for the past few weeks making lots of new work which I will be sharing once it is all ready and photographed.

The first exhibition of the the year is the London Art Fair, Business Design Centre, Islington, 18 - 22 January 2012.  This year I will be exhibiting with TAG Fine Arts, stand 40.  You can find out further information about the fair here.

If you would like some free tickets please contact TAG Fine Arts info@tagfinearts.com.

There's lots more to come in the next few months so stay tuned.