10 Dec 2010

Mexican Bird

I didn't buy so much when I was in Mexico, but I did by this chap from the flea market, I just couldn't resist and it was only 50 pesos (about £2.50).  I am getting him framed up along with my other bird prints and start a wall of birds, not that I am obsessed or anything!

7 Dec 2010


I recently went to this lovely pop up shop Settle, its open until 7 December (should have blogged about this earlier).  I discovered the work of Helen Minns there.

Here are some cards I bought from her. I love her use of texture, pattern and colour and she uses birds, so what's not to like!

5 Dec 2010

Sketch books

I was tidying out one of my cupboards recently and came across some old sketch books. 

They were from my last year at college.  Looking at them takes me straight back to that time, they are very raw and full of passion and energy and very full of angst. I'm not sure how I found the time to be so full of angst, it must have been very tiring. 

I do like the sense of freedom within the sketch books, it makes me want to get my paint brushes and glue out and make some collages.  I'll post them when I have had a chance to do some, it will be interesting to compare them with the pieces I used to make.