31 Mar 2011

Sneak a Peak

I was very busy in January and February working on a very big commission for a new hotel in London.  I blogged about it before here. The piece is being installed tomorrow, which is very exciting and I can't wait to go along and see it (and have a cocktail or 2 in the hotel bar to celebrate!).  Until I can reveal more here is a piece from it.

28 Mar 2011

These drawings caught my eye when I was in Paris recently.  They are in chalk so will gradually fade and get brushed away in a beautiful way.  Such a great use of a black space.

25 Mar 2011

Paper finds

I was walking past this lovely shop the Peanut Vendor in the Newington Green area of London the other day and found this. Its a full sheet about A2 sized.

Its some kind of packaging material I think, it could be the cover for a match box.  The ship on the front is a Galiote.  I couldn't resist it. They had a few more different ones but I was drawn to the ships. I'm going to frame it I think.

Their website seems to down at the moment but you can find out further details here, its a great shop and a great area to visit for a wander (luckily its just 10 minutes from my house so I may be back for some more prints!)

22 Mar 2011

Parisian Adventure - a few more photos

I took a few photos of other things in the gallery that caught my eye, though didn't make a note of the makers of them (as I said before was in a bit of a daze, from excitement when I was there, I had to control my feet from doing a happy dance in the middle of the gallery). I wish now I had taken more photos, Oh well another trip to Paris will be needed very soon.

A lampshade and installation made out of pegs with ends painted blue and white.  So simple yet stunning.  The designer is from Argentina (that's all I know)

I love this stool/brush combination.  The colour was just stunning.

That's it for Gallery S Bensimon, if you are in Paris I would recommend a trip, its just around the corner from Merci and other lovely boutiques.

19 Mar 2011

Parisian Adventure

On Wednesday I went off to Paris to see my work at the Gallery S Bensimon in the Marais district of Paris.

I was very excited, though a little nervous as you never know how some one will hang your work (I've had some bad experiences in the past).

I arrived at the gallery. A very Parisian scene.

I needn't have worried it all looked amazing, I was so happy.  Francois who runs the gallery is very charming and we had a good chat.  There were even a couple of red dots which is very exciting.

The gallery has an amazing collection of furniture and objects, I will share some photos of them in another post, though I didn't take nearly enough as I was a little overwhelmed by seeing my work in the gallery. I forgot to pay more attention to everything else.

5 Mar 2011

Things that inspire me - Beautiful Tiles

I have been lucky enough to travel to Sevilla, Lisbon and Marrakech in the past couple of years and for a lover of patterned tiles all 3 places a real treat.

Here are some of my favourites

From Lisbon

I love the graffiti on the tiles

From Sevilla

And these are from Marrakech

I really love the way these next ones have been worn out by years of being walked on, would love to have a floor like this.

Will have to plan my next trip to get my tile fix, I wonder where that will be.

3 Mar 2011


I am exhibiting some work in Paris, for the first time, in March, am very excited as its in a very beautiful galley in the Marais.

I had to ship the work before I could get some of the pieces photographed as my photographer had to let me down at short notice (an hour before he was due) so I took some pictures myself, which confirms to me that its worth paying the money to get a professional as without the proper lighting they just don't come out.

You can see for yourselves.