23 May 2010

Meleager's Garland

I have work in this exhibition. Though you had better be quick its only on for 2 days. I will post some installation shots when I've seen the work installed. I'm interested to go to the Conservatory as have never heard of it before.

8 May 2010

my lovely but nearly dead ranunculus from the farmers market. I love to leave my flowers until they dead in the vase, I enjoy watching them fade and die.

2 May 2010

I am starting this blog as a visual diary of my creative life as an artist, to share my inspiration and other things that come up. I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me.

There are so many inspiring blogs out there that this feels a little bit intimidating but its
good to be joining the community of bloggers.

Here are some pictures I recently made for a show at Jaggedart here in London. The show is on until the 8 May.

Flying into the night 1, 2 and 3.