25 Jul 2010

Work in Progress

Right now I am preparing for a big fair in September called Origin.  I am at the early stages of making some new work.  At this stage I tend to do a lot of drawing and redrawing of images until I am happy with them, the I start working with them to decide which maps I want to use and how they will work as finished pieces.

The beginning of the process goes something like this.

I first get my tools

Then I get my inspiration
I collect paper ephemera,  and am always on the look out for images for use in my work.

I then trace and re-trace the drawings until I am happy.

Still working on the turtle.

Some Kingfishers nearly ready for the next stage.

I then go through my box full of maps to see which ones are inspiring me and then…

…I will post about the next stages as they happen


  1. Are you going to be at Origin? Wow! I went last year and was sooo impresses, I plan to go to London again in october. So If I make it I will get to see you in real life! Great. Thanks for sharing the progress, I was really curious! Very satisfying post.

  2. This is a lovely insight into your process. I have a special love for paper cuts. Perhaps because I could never muster up the patience to make them myself. I can't wait to see that next stage.