10 Oct 2013

Zeitgeist Open 2013

I am honoured to say I was selected for the Zeitgeist Open 2013 (click here for more info). The exhibition was very short and I was away for most

It is an annual open exhibition, this year selected by Susan Collis, Graham Crowley, Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley.  They had over 300 submissions and somehow they managed to select 43 artists to exhibit.

And here's the piece that I had selected.

I'm very fascinated by textiles, particularly 18th and 19th Century ones.  This piece was based on a Japanese pattern cut from a map of Australia.  I imagined it as a fragment of a piece of textile that had been lost and once rediscovered was preserved in this way.

I am planning to make more of these pieces as they are something I really enjoy, so watch this space.


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