16 Nov 2012

Singapore Affordable Art Fair

Hi All

I thought I'd share the work that I made for the Singapore Affordable Art Fair, that is taking place this weekend.  I am exhibiting with TAG Fine Arts. Do pop a long if you happen to be in Singapore.

I made 3 works all based around birds I thought you might see in Singapore.  I've never been there, so enjoyed imaging a tropical world that the birds would live in.  Some of them are only visitors, and some you might find there more permanently.  They are all dancing to their own tune and are defying the rules of where they might belong.

I hope you enjoy.

First up a piece called Honeypies, they don't really have humming birds in Singapore, or not these ones, but in my fantasy they are the kind of exotic creatures that are flying about Singapore.

© Claire Brewster - Honeypies 2012

© Claire Brewster - Honeypies 2012
The there is Set us free - I'm not a big fan of caged birds, it always seems to sad when creatures that can fly are confined.  Here my budgies are answering back.

© Claire Brewster - Set us free 2012

© Claire Brewster - Set us free 2012

The final piece is The Bee eaters - these are native birds of singapore and Malaysia and I loved their shape and the shapes they make when they fly around .

© Claire Brewster - The Bee Eaters 2012

© Claire Brewster - Set us free 2012

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