24 Oct 2011

Ghosts of Gone Birds

I have a piece of work in this amazing exhibition Ghosts of Gone Birds.  It is all about highlighting the alarming rate that birds are becoming extinct.  Over 100 artists, musicians and writers were approached to make pieces for the exhibition.  The selection  is amazing with the likes of Margaret Atwood, Sir Peter Blake, Adam Brigland, Abigail Brown, Ralph Steadman, Polly Morgan, Billy Childish, Rob Ryan and Su Blackwell involved, I feel very honoured to be included. You can find more information here

And a sneak a peak at the piece I have made, it is of the Great and Lesser Koa Finch, from Hawaii.


  1. Wow, a good crowd to find yourself in! Congratulations, the birds look lovely.

  2. Beautiful work as usual Claire. Excellent idea for an exhibition too!

  3. Thanks, am very excited to part of the show, there is so much amazing work in it.