15 May 2013

The First Cut in the Djanogly Gallery Nottingham

The First Cut exhibition is on the first stop of its tour, in the Djanogly Gallery in Nottingham.  I was up there a couple of weeks ago to install The Harbingers and also attend the opening.

The exhibition has a very different feel as there are some different works and it is split into 3 rooms.  Some of it works better and some not so.

I was hoping to take some general photos at the opening, but they wouldn't allow photos, I'm not sure why as no one minded in Manchester.  Any way the Djangoly Gallery sent some photos over to me of my work so I thought I'd share them with you.

© Claire Brewster 2013

© Claire Brewster 2013

© Claire Brewster 2013

© Claire Brewster 2013

It is a new challenge every time I install this piece. The important thing for me is to get the right feeling when I'm installing the work, I am looking for a flow in the birds that captures their etherial nature.  Achieving this when you have a deadline of a train to catch is not always easy!

I'd love to know what you think of the exhibition now it is in Nottingham and if you saw it in Manchester how you think it compares, so please do leave me a comment below.


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