11 Apr 2013

Are you a bird lover?

No not those kinds of birds, the feathery kind!.  You've probably guessed by now that I have a bit of a thing about birds, I would probably be described as a bird lover.

Does that have geeky connotations to you? it does to me, I get visions of people in anoraks with binoculars obsessively counting all the different types they see a bit like a train spotter.

I think it's time to reclaim the love of birds let's celebrate rather than count and set free rather than contain.

My latest piece of work entitled Love Birds.  I hand cut parakeets combined with a japanese textile pattern from a geological map of Great Britain. My aim was to capture the frenzy of a group of birds in a tree.  And yes those really are the colours of the map, geological maps are great for crazy bright colours.

© Claire Brewster - Love Birds 2013

© Claire Brewster - Love Birds 2013

© Claire Brewster - Love Birds 2013

© Claire Brewster - Love Birds 2013

© Claire Brewster - Love Birds 2013

This is hot off the press and it's not on my website yet, so if you would like to know more or just want to say Hi leave a comment below or email me on mail@clairebrewster.co.uk

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  1. Wonderful!I love the way you have joined them together. Amazing colours- just right for the warm weekend coming up! It going to be 19 degrees on Sunday!

    Yvonna, flow gallery

    1. Thanks Yvonna, I hope you managed to enjoy the lovely weather on Sunday, I even went out without a coat on!