30 Jul 2012

The Birds and The bees - part 1

Well dear readers I promised to tell you what I have been up to recently and why I have been absent from this blog.  Apart from suffering from a bit of bloggers block.  I was working on a large commission for a new hotel in London, that is opening in August.

I had to make 5 large pieces, that reflected the hotel's location, near to of our best museums, The Victoria and Albert Museum and The natural history museum.

The pieces I created used a pattern from an 18th century textile that is in the V&A combined with birds and insects.

Here are the drawings I did for them.  I use these as my templates for cutting, though I change bits as I go along and final arrangements only happen once all the cutting has finished.

I will post the finished pieces in my next post.

(c) Claire Brewster 2012

(c) Claire Brewster 2012

(c) Claire Brewster 2012

(c) Claire Brewster 2012


  1. Whew! That's a lot of work! Looks lovely! Glad to see you're back in blogland. Makes me want to get back into the 'grind' too.

    1. Thanks Kathryn, it certainly was a lot of work, not sure I would have done it if I had realised quite how hard it was going to be! Can't wait to see what you get up to next!