11 Nov 2011

Questions, Questions, Questions - Why do you cut them by Hand?

Detail of When do we stop counting - hand cut map

There are many reasons why I cut by hand, but mostly because I enjoy it.  I love the process involved with cutting, working with my hands to make something.  Yes my work could be cut by a machine but that would be a different type of art work.  Part of the enjoyment of cutting by hand is the ability to change things as I go along, to make mistakes, which lead me down different paths.

I'm not against using a laser cutting machine or a cutting machine that uses a knife for creating work, but my practice will always be about working by hand.  I enjoy the low-fi aspect of taking a knife and cutting, I like the control of it.  For me adding in a machine to the process will put a barrier between me and the work.

Next time, where my ideas come from (question from Kitty Killian)

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  1. Lo-fi all the way! Just saying hello as I'm newly following your blog. I really love your birds, very much looking forward to getting to the 'Ghosts' show, Fiona x