6 Jan 2011

New Year New Birds

The Christmas/New Year period has been a bit hectic for me, with commissions to finish, commissions to start and work to get ready for exhibitions, so somehow this is my first post in a while.

With all this new work to create it was time to find some new birds.  I found this book tucked away on one of my shelves that I had totally forgotten about.

 It was published in 1965 and is full of beautiful paintings of British native birds.  So expect a lot of work inspired by this over the next few months.  I was wondering about cutting some of my favourite pictures out of the book and framing them up.

Here are some of my favourites today.

Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Whitethroat

Jay - I had a pair of these in my garden when it was snowy



  1. The next to last bird has such a nice colour - really flashes against the warm background. Are the colours as nice in reality?

    I can see how this book inspires you for your birds.

  2. Thanks Jen, they are as nice, even a bit nicer, such a beautiful bird.