22 Sep 2010

Origin 2010 - The setting up

The day finally arrived its set up my stand for Origin.

just arrived!

My stuff before unpacking

me in my stand

It was a busy day but thankfully I had my friend Sam to help me with the install.

view of other stands

It was pretty chaotic at first, as you can see there was stuff everywhere, but gradually things began to take place.  When I left at 6.30 people were still frantically putting their stuff up.  The place was due to close at 7, not sure everyone will be finished.  We have an early start tomorrow with a press viewing at 9am, so there will be some people there early tomorrow I should think.

Here are some more photos of the install.

Tomorrow I will post some images of the final stand and I will also get to have a wander round and see all the other stands and take some pics of my favourites to blog about after.  I am also looking forward to getting to know my neighbours.


  1. Well done, can't wait to see it. SH

  2. This looks fantastic, Claire! I wish you luck over the next few days. I hope Kitty is able to stop by and say hello in person!

  3. How exciting! Good luck! Good luck! You will have to post a pic of you and Kitty!

  4. Hey Claire - its looking great! cant wait to see the final pics! xxx